Distribution of the drinking water

Before the drinking water from the Landeswasserversorgung reaches the customers, it has to go a long way. It travels for approximately a day from Langenau waterworks through the Swabian Alb region to Stuttgart. Large pumps provide the energy required.

Always fresh – Despite the long journey

Drinking water is supplied to the association members of the Landeswasserversorgung through a pipeline network that is around 775 kilometres long. The long-distance pipeline network is divided into four main pipes of diameter up to 1.50 metres and numerous feeder pipes of diameter up to 0.70 metres. The pipeline network allows a maximum flow capacity of around 5,200 litres per second or approx. 450,000 cubic metres per day.
The 33 water containers with a storage volume of approx. 400,000 cubic metres are an important part of the long-distance pipeline network. First and foremost, they serve to ensure supply and operational reliability. They balance out delivery fluctuations, allow economical plant operation, and thus improve the performance of the drinking water supply in the supply area of the Landeswasserversorgung.

Facts and figures

Pipeline network

333,5km Main pipes
361,8km Feeder pipes
16,3km Connecting pipes
68,9km Pipes in the collection areas
0,9km Free-flow tunnel (Osterbuch)


Containers Storage volume

31.220m³ Waterworks
352.775m³ Long-distance pipeline network  

Annual figures 2021

Plenty of power –
Large pumps provide the
necessary energy to
bring the drinking water
over the Swabian Alb
region to the customers.

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Automation and remote control

Today, the entire plant operation can be monitored and controlled by only two responsible employees in the centre control room. With the continuously modernised central control, all plants on the pipeline network of the Landeswasserversorgung, from extraction plants to end containers, are now automated. The automation devices that are used control, regulate and monitor the processes in the plants and constantly transmit approx. 3,500 measurement values and the operating statuses of around 5,000 pumps, seals and facilities from the entire drinking water extraction, treatment and distribution operation to the central control room at Langenau waterworks and to the five area control rooms distributed across the supply network.

This highly complex control system with its almost 300 automation devices is one of the largest and most modern management systems of a German water supply company.

Facts and figures

Waterworks and pumping stations

50,5MW  Installed capacity
66,8Mio. kWh Power consumption

Power generation plants

6,4MW Installed capacity
16,4Mio. kWh Power generation

Annual figures 2021

Automatic and remotely
controlled – Treatment plants,
pipeline network and water
containers now largely control
themselves. They are monitored
by the control room at
Langenau waterworks.

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