Quality of the drinking water

Drinking water quality and groundwater protection are two sides of the same coin. Only foresighted, careful protection of the groundwater guarantees consistent, high quality of the drinking water.

Drinking water quality at the highest level

The supply of drinking water to the population is subject to the very strict provisions of the German drinking water ordinance. In the course of the drinking water analysis, over 100 individual parameters are investigated.

In addition to the standard analytics of the drinking water supply, many elaborate and complex chemical-physical and microbiological processes are available for trace substance analytics in the company and research laboratory of the Landeswasserversorgung. Mass spectrometric analysis methods and biological testing systems with the aid of luminescent bacteria, enzymes or genetically modified yeast cells reflect the latest development status.

The quality control of the Landeswasserversorgung comprises around 400,000 individual analyses per year, many online measurements in the entire supply network, and an extensive safety concept. Around 40 highly qualified employees in the Landeswasserversorgung company and research laboratory are available for these tasks. Furthermore, they work on other process developments as part of various research projects.

Drinking water analysis in summary (2020)

Parameter Dimension Limit according to drinking
water ordinance
VB 1 VB 2 VB 3
pH value - ≥ 6,5 and ≤ 9,5 7,55 at
14,0 °C
7,61 at
10,1 °C
8,01 at
8,0 °C
Calcium mg/L - 76 72 50
Chloride mg/L 250 31,3 20,8 7,7
Iron mg/L 0,200 < 0,01 < 0,01 0,0056
Magnesium mg/L - 11,3 9,2 8,5
Sodium mg/L 200 11,7 6,8 5,6
Sulphate mg/L 250 25,3 13,0 34,0
Lead mg/L 0,010 < 0,0005 < 0,0005 < 0,001
Fluoride mg/L 1,5 0,06 0,05 0,10
Nitrate mg/L 50 20,2 30,8 4,0
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons mg/L 0,00010 < 0,0001 < 0,0001 < 0,0001
Plant protection products and biocidal products mg/L 0,00010 < 0,00005 < 0,00005 < 0,00005
Total individual substances mg/L 0,00050 < 0,0001 < 0,0001 < 0,0001
Carbonate hardness °dH - 10,1 9,5 7,17
Total hardness °dH - 13,3 12,5 9,0
Total alkaline earths mol/m³ - 2,37 2,24 1,61
Hardness range - - medium medium medium

The values are those for the drinking water from the state water supply. Your city or community might possibly use its own drinking water source and mix its own water with the drinking water from the state water supply. The latest drinking water analysis for your place of residence can be obtained from your city or local administration or from the public utilities responsible.

Drinking water – Because of the elaborate and regular investigations, it is one of the best controlled foodstuffs

Drinking water analysis

The complete drinking water analysis can be found here to download.

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Water protection areas – The key to success

To protect the groundwater reserves, the catchment areas of the container systems are designated as water protection areas. The protection areas here are divided into three zones. The outer protection zone should cover the entire catchment area of the drinking water springs. From the edge of the inner protection zone, the flow time to the springs should be at least 50 days. The container area delimits the direct surroundings of the extraction plants.

Different legal requirements apply for the individual protection zone areas with respect to construction, agricultural and other use. Whereas most uses are possible with certain restrictions in the outer water protection zone, construction for example is not permitted in the inner protection zone. Agricultural land use is permitted here only with strict

conditions. In general, any use of the container area is excluded. The water protection areas are monitored regularly to check the various requirements.

Because of the particular geological conditions in the Swabian Alb region, the heavily karstified subsurface and the resulting very high flow speeds at some times and in some areas, large areas of the high plateau of Swabian Alb are designated as water protection areas. With a total area of around 800 square kilometres, the protection areas for the extraction plants of the state water supply, the waterworks at Langenau, at Dischingen and at Burgberg are among the largest contiguous water protection areas in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Groundwater – A treasure needs to be guarded

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