River water

Danube water – Treated perfectly

The plants for extraction of drinking water from the river water of the Danube specifically comprise an untreated water pumping station that takes the water directly from the river, a pressure pipe from the pumping station to Langenau waterworks, and the treatment plants at the waterworks. At peak times, up to 2,300 litres of Danube water per second can be processed into drinking water. The process for drinking water extraction from the Danube has been investigated and optimised over many years of trials.

It essentially comprises the following process steps:

  1. Preliminary cleaning using flocculation sedimentation to reduce undesirable substances in the water, such as substances causing turbidity or humins, but also trace substances in the untreated water
  2. Ozonation for oxidative removal of organic and inorganic substances and to disinfect the water
  3. Flocculation filtration via multi-layer filters to remove the remaining suspended substances
  4. Activated carbon filtration to remove organic pollutants in minimal concentrations
  5. UV disinfection as a safety barrier to deactivate microorganisms
  6. Addition of chlorine dioxide to protect the drinking water from microbiological influences on the way to the customer

Technical effort that is
worthwhile – Modern
filtration plants and
constant quality monitoring
ensure clean drinking
water at all times.