Good by nature

The groundwater from over 200 wells in Donauried and from the deep well at Burgberg can be delivered directly as drinking water due to its good quality; only some of it is softened in a decarbonisation plant at Langenau waterworks. However, accidents or traces of micropollutants may severely restrict use of the groundwater for the public drinking water supply. In order to be well prepared for possible scenarios at any time, the Landeswasserversorgung ommissioned a groundwater filtration plant at Langenau waterworks in 2014.

The spring water from Buchbrunnen spring is of excellent quality by nature. Only after prolonged heavy rain and during snow melting does mineral turbidity occur in the spring water. With the construction of the A7 federal motorway through the water protection area of Buchbrunnen spring, the treatment plants at Egau waterworks had to be expanded between 1982 and 1984 for preventive protection of the drinking water quality.

Naturally pure –
The groundwater from
Donauried is almost
always of drinking
water quality