Spring water

Drinking water from Buchbrunnen spring

Back in 1929, the Landeswasserversorgung purchased a large karst spring, Buchbrunnen spring, in the Egau valley near Dischingen in the east of Swabian Alb. The bulk ratio of Buchbrunnen spring is very balanced. This is extremely favourable for use of the spring for the drinking water supply. Firstly, it guarantees the required minimum extraction quantity required for a reliable drinking water supply at all times. In addition, the changes in quality of the karst groundwater move within very narrow limits. Only after prolonged heavy rain and during snow melting does mineral turbidity occur in the spring water.

In 1952, the Landeswasserversorgung decided to use Buchbrunnen spring for the public drinking water supply. Egau waterworks became operational in 1957.

Facts and figures

Buchbrunnen spring


Litres per second, maximum extraction rights (depending on water flow from the Egau)

843Litres per second, average spring discharge
14,6million cubic metres, water extraction

Annual figures 2021

Idyllically located –
On the Egau creek near
Dischingen, the Landeswasserversorgung waterworks
lies at the impressive
spring head of
Buchbrunnen spring.