Drinking water analysis

    Drinking water quality at the highest level

    The supply of drinking water to the population is subject to the very strict provisions of the German drinking water ordinance. In the course of the drinking water analysis, over 100 individual parameters are investigated.

    In addition to the standard analytics of the drinking water supply, many elaborate and complex chemical-physical and microbiological processes are available for trace substance analytics in the company and research laboratory of the Landeswasserversorgung. Mass spectrometric analysis methods and biological testing systems with the aid of luminescent bacteria, enzymes or genetically modified yeast cells reflect the latest development status.

    The quality control of the Landeswasserversorgung comprises around 400,000 individual analyses per year, many online measurements in the entire supply network, and an extensive safety concept. Around 40 highly qualified employees in the Landeswasserversorgung company and research laboratory are available for these tasks. Furthermore, they work on other process developments as part of various research projects.

    Drinking water analysis in summary (2018)

    ParameterDimensionLimit according to drinking
    water ordinance
    VB 1VB 2VB 3
    pH value-≥ 6,5 u. ≤ 9,57,51 at
    11,8 °C
    7,57 at
    9,6 °C
    8,00 at
    9,0 °C
    Ironmg/L0,200< 0,01< 0,010,0079
    Sodium mg/L20012,06,25,5
    Leadmg/L0,010< 0,001< 0,001< 0,001
    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons mg/L0,00010< 0,0001< 0,0001< 0,0001
    Plant protection products and biocidal products mg/L0,00010< 0,00005< 0,00005< 0,00005
    Total individual substances mg/L0,00050< 0,0001< 0,0001< 0,0001
    Carbonate hardness °dH-10,210,17,31
    Total hardness °dH-13,412,89,1
    Total alkaline earths mol/m³-2,392,291,63
    Hardness range--mediummediummedium

    The values are those for the drinking water from the state water supply. Your city or community might possibly use its own drinking water source and mix its own water with the drinking water from the state water supply. The latest drinking water analysis for your place of residence can be obtained from your city or local administration or from the public utilities responsible.

    Drinking water – Because of the elaborate and regular investigations, it is one of the best controlled foodstuffs

    Drinking water analysis

    The complete drinking water analysis can be found here to download.

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