Modern company with tradition

The Landeswasserversorgung is one of the largest and most traditional remote water suppliers in Germany. Every year, it supplies some 90 million cubic metres of top-quality drinking water to around 250 towns and communities including Aalen, Ellwangen, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Göppingen, Esslingen, Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart and Ulm. Around three million people in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria receive their drinking water from the Landeswasserversorgung.

Drinking water for

Even around the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, it was apparent that the local water resources would no longer be sufficient to meet the rapidly increasing demand for water with advancing industrialisation and the associated rapid population growth in the central Neckar region. An exceptionally foresighted plan for that time provided for the transport of drinking water through a long-distance pipeline from the Danube valley near Ulm via Remstal to the residence city of Stuttgart. This laid the foundation for the Landeswasserversorgung.

Unevenly distributed

In Baden-Württemberg, water-rich areas along the Danube, Rhine and Lake Constance are contrasted with water-poor regions in Swabian Alb and the central Neckar region. The remote water supply systems create the balance.

Graphic: Remote water supply in Baden-Württemberg

For over 100 years, water from Donauried has also flowed from fountains and taps in Stuttgart.

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Local special-purpose association

In 1912, King William II of Württemberg established the governmental Landeswasserversorgung. For 53 years, it was operated as a state-owned company. Only in 1965 was the order fulfilled, which had been set in the constitution; the Landeswasserversorgung was transferred to an independent local special purpose association. Since that time, the association members of the Landeswasserversorgung are not only customers but also owners of the water supply company. The decision-making body of the special-purpose association is the association meeting, which generally meets once per year. The head office of the Landeswasserversorgung is registered in Stuttgart.

Facts and figures

Annual delivery96,2 million cubic metres of drinking water
Association members106 towns, communities and special purpose associations
Supply to3 million people
Pipeline network781 kilometres of drinking water pipes
Total yield75,2 million euro
Balance sheet total205,7 million euro

Annual figures 2021

LW stands for “Landeswasserversorgung”
(state water supply). It supplies
drinking water fresh from nature
to around three million people.

Association members

The state water supply has a total of 106 towns, communities and local special purpose associations as association members.

list of association members

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Mission statement

The Landeswasserversorgung is committed to a mission statement that forms the guiding principle of corporate action.

We guarantee quality and safety
Best drinking water and high supply reliability are the focus of our actions.

We shape the future
We handle the water resources and operating plants entrusted to us with care. The employees are our most important asset here.

We are innovative
We shape the future through constant improvement of our work processes and development of our knowledge.

We are the water experts
We work with the highest technical competence for our customers.

We are a team
Circumspect, in partnership and with a focus on performance, we achieve outstanding results.

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