Special-purpose association

    Local special-purpose association

    In 1912, King William II of Württemberg established the governmental Landeswasserversorgung. For 53 years, it was operated as a state-owned company. Only in 1965 was the order fulfilled, which had been set in the constitution; the Landeswasserversorgung was transferred to an independent local special purpose association. Since that time, the association members of the Landeswasserversorgung are not only customers but also owners of the water supply company. The decision-making body of the special-purpose association is the association meeting, which generally meets once per year. The head office of the Landeswasserversorgung is registered in Stuttgart.

    Facts and figures

    Annual delivery98,6 million cubic metres of drinking water
    Association members106 towns, communities and special purpose associations
    Supply to3 million people
    Pipeline network776,1 kilometres of drinking water pipes
    Total yield67,0 million euro
    Balance sheet total199,3 million euro

    LW stands for “Landeswasserversorgung”
    (state water supply). It supplies
    drinking water fresh from nature
    to around three million people.

    Association members

    The state water supply has a total of 106 towns, communities and local special purpose associations as association members.

    list of association members

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